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About us


Our mission is to help ambitious clients to grow their businesses (both small and large) dynamically as well as build stronger brands. Based on our broad experience and understanding of the current technology trends, we can propose innovative software solutions which will help our customers gain a  competitive advantage and increase their profits.


We prefer not to tell you how good we are; our projects speak for themselves!


In conclusion, the quality of our work, flexibility and effective communication are characteristics our clients appreciate the most. We are very grateful to them for all the referrals, trust and longstanding cooperation (95% of our new clients come from recommendations!).

Our clients’ success is also our success and the best indication of our effectiveness and commitment to each project we undertake.

Creative approach to problem solving, market analysis, and the most suitable tools - this is how we achieve success.


Thanks to our skills and experience we will successfully support our client's activities

Each objective achieved is more evidence of our proficiency in mobile and web technologies. We thrive in PHP/Symfony2 and Laravel, HTLM5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Angular.js, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SAAS, JSON, Google Maps API, Facebook API, Twitter API, XML, SOAP, Open ID. Databased Management System: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon, Web Services, Services Stack, Redis, Memcached. We also create mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows phones. We are aware that business partner choice is based on knowledge and trust. To make your decision easier, we openly inform you, that we utilize established and trusted technologies such as world-famous Open Source CMS: WordPress and e-commerce systems: Magento, PrestaShop. If your needs are more particular, you will be satisfied with our dedicated PHP applications created by using an appropriate framework.

How do we manage our projects? Agile! (Scrum Agile)


We benefit greatly from our good habits

The old-fashioned, ineffective systems discourage creativity, initiative and innovation. Teams working under such frameworks often hide behind the safe and meaningless answers like “Well, we did what we had to do, didn’t we?”.Employees work separately and do not cooperate with each other. They keep focus only on deadlines, ignoring the exchange of ideas. Their automatic work neglects the time nedeed for careful planning, a new methods analysis and creative disscussions, and they are the keys to success!

Contrary to their attitude, we manage our projects using Scrum Agile. Every dynamically developing company uses this methodology successfully, and so do we.

Scrum isn’t a set of detailed procedures, that are bound to be obeyed. “Scrum is not a methodology. It is the basis of principles, rules and regulations that help both individuals and organisations create their own methods adapted to their needs.” It is a process of habit building which we benefit from.

How does it work?

Agile methodology breaks the tasks into a short time frames – increments (so-called sprints) that last from two to four weeks. After this time we deliver to our Clients the next component to be tested, which allows us to respond rapidly and meet the changing requirements.

Scrum adapted the empirical approach – all knowledge comes from experience, decision-making process is based on what is known, and all theories and ideas are insignificant.

Three principles that really matter: simplicity, measurement of progress and adaptation to changes.

If you want more informaton about SCRUM Methodology, check our publication entitled “SCRUM – ‘routine’ that improves quality of life and balances development in IT company.” in the monograph by doctor of economy, Adam Dept “Quality of life and balanced development in the context of current management problems.”


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